Lice is an issue that everyone goes through with once or twice in their life. 

To get rid of lice successfully, you need the right lice removal company to help you do so. When hiring a lice removal company, you need to follow various steps to ensure you will get the best quality. See below the steps:

Research about the company 

First, you need to do some research on the company. Please get to know more about what they are focusing on, their products, services, and see which tactics they use to approach lice. 

Read every single ingredient

Many clients don’t focus on the ingredients in their products. And it can become a problem, depending on your skin. If the product you are using has many chemicals, it can irritate your skin and even cause blindness if it reaches your eyes. 

Try natural ingredients

Natural ingredients offer many benefits depending on the issue you have. With lice, ingredients like mint help ward off head lice and keep them away from your scalp. A fantastic advantage is that your kids won’t have to suffer from allergies or rashes. Instead, you will be enjoying the benefits of freshly smelled hair that keep your scalp clean. 


Meet Bug Adieu

Bug Adieu is a family-owned business that focuses on helping families that are battling with lice and eradicating it from their life. You can rest assured that you and your family will receive the best treatment. We manually nitpick and examine every strand of hair and use all-natural products that are safe to use on all ages. 

We don’t just eradicate lice; we also want to educate you on what head lice are, facts and myths about head lice, as well as symptoms of a lice infestation. Many clients have misconceptions about lice, and we are here to establish them. Head lice are tiny insects that live on the scalp. They can be spread by close contact with other people. Head lice only live in hair and occasionally eyebrows and eyelashes.

Protect Your Family with Bug Adieu

Let Bug Adieu take care of your lice issue while doing it the safest way possible with natural products that are safe to use in all ages.