Let Bug Adieu’s efficient products help you eliminate lice FAST and EASY.

Lice is a common issue that everyone has gone through once or twice in their life. Contrary to popular belief, if you have lice, it does not mean you have a dirty scalp or hair. There is no need to feel shame about it. However, you do need to take immediate action and prevent it from spreading. If you continuously feel uncomfortable due to massive itching in your scalp, we are ready to help you. 

Bug Adieu was created to eradiate lice from all homes and get you back that peace of mind. We are a professional lice removal company ready to help Escondido residents and close areas. Our lice removal products are amazing tools that have helped many families. We want to help you say bye to lice and hopefully never deal with it again! 


Natural Products That Eradicate Lice

Our natural products contain all excellent ingredients that are critical elements for lice eradication. 

Many families are not aware of the dangers that standard lice removal products have. They contain significant doses of insecticides, chemicals, and pesticides that can be extremely harmful to the skin of humans. These ingredients should not be used in hair treatments, and if they get into your eyes, it can be hazardous. See below how to use our products. 

How To Use the Nits and Lice Removal Spray

This product is so easy to incorporate in your daily hair routine that you won’t even feel that it’s there. All you have to do is spray it one and brush your hair with a fine-tooth comb or lice comb and let it do its magic. 

How To Use the Lice Repellent 

Bug Adieu’s Repellant Spray is formulated with natural ingredients, the mint scent wards off head lice and keeps them away. Safe enough to use daily, your hair can be styled as usual with a clean feel. Your kids will love the scent. 

Protect Your Family with Bug Adieu

Let Bug Adieu take care of your lice issue while doing it the safest way possible with natural products that are safe to use in all ages.