3 Prevention Methods To Avoid Getting Lice

Lice often come when you least expect it and attacks every member of your family. However, there are preventive measures every family and individual can take to make sure lice won’t be stepping into your family’s scalps.

Finding the best preventive methods to keep your family safe during this lockdown is key. These methods can be applied not only to the little ones of the family, who are more prone to lice but also to adults who may get it, too.

Bug Adieu is here to help out any family member that is struggling with lice or that wants to prevent lice from entering their homes. 


Stay Safe & Away from Lice

When you apply the following preventive measures that we will give you, you and your loved ones will be safe from lice:

Weekly Check-Ups

Something that most families don’t do is complete check-ups on their entire family. Maybe they check their kids when their school informs them there’s a lice infestation. However, it’s important that we not rely on schools and others to identify lice, so it’s best if you do a weekly check-up on their heads to prevent lice from spreading even more.

Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Not sharing personal items can apply to both adults and children.

It’s very common for kids to share hats, headbands, and other hair accessories. This can spread lice very quickly, and once you’ve realized it, your child will have nits popping.

Adults also share these objects sometimes. Therefore, it’s best if you tell everyone in your family to be more careful once they share their belongings or ask to borrow an item.

Avoid Shared Spaces

Going to a doctor’s appointment and want to wait on the couch? What most people don’t know is that public waiting rooms are one of the most germ-filled places.

Many people go through them in a day, and you never know who has lice. It’s best if you avoid sitting on public furniture that’s not wood, plastic, or metal. Lice can stick to fabrics and then transfer to your hair.

Stay Safe with Bug Adieu

Follow our preventive measures, and you and your family will be safe. Don’t forget to buy your preventive kit to avoid lice from spreading everywhere!


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