3 Tips to Prevent Lice Infestation at Home

Lice are quick to spread; therefore, you and your loved ones must be taking the right preventive measures.

Sometimes, it can be hard to lower the probabilities of your kids getting lice, but it’s never impossible. With Bug Adieu’s professional tips, you will be able to eradicate lice one step at a time in your household.

Find more about how to prevent a lice infestation in your home below.


Prevent Your Kids From Sharing Hair Accessories

Children are one of the most likely to get lice, especially in kindergartens or whenever they are playing close with other children.

Since they are so used to sharing toys and accessories, that’s one of the fastest ways they can come in contact with lice. Lice live not only in the scalp, but they seek refuge in hats, hair accessories, hair bands, and more.

You must tell your child not to use other kid’s hair accessories in order to prevent them from spreading lice or getting it. 

Avoid Resting Your Head In Every Surface

It’s very common for adults and children to sit back and relax on every surface. Most of us have laid back in couches at a doctor or dentist’s clinic, or at someone else’s house. It’s essential to watch out where you will be sitting because lice can live off furniture for 48 hours.

We advise that you instead sit on something made out of wood or plastic since it’s harder for lice to stay there.

Frequently Do Your Laundry

We advise you to regularly do your laundry, especially if you have been with someone that has lice or has contact with it.

Lice can be eliminated when it’s exposed to high temperatures, and that’s why we recommend throwing your hats, scarfs, and clothes into hot water and then dry it at a higher temperature than usual.

Say Bye To Lice

Eradicate lice with more tips and tricks that can be found at Bug Adieu’s website. 


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