3 Tips to Keep My Kids From Getting Lice

Lice’s main target is kids. Whether it’s at school or the playground, lice can infest their hair when you least expect it. The best way to prevent your kids from getting lice from their friends or classmates is to be prepared for any infestation that surfaces.

Bug Adieu is a professional in-home lice removal company that has been helping families for many years. Bug Adieu was created by a mother that has struggled with lice as well, so we understand your struggle. We have found some tips and tricks, as well as products that can help you avoid lice.


How to Prevent Lice

Avoid Sharing Hair Accessories 

Kids love to share everything they own. It’s normal for them to share hair accessories like hats and headbands. What many parents are not aware of is that hair accessories are the easiest way to transfer lice in a matter of seconds. Warn your kids not to share hair accessories as much as possible.

Avoid Head-to-Head Touch

Head-to-head touch is also one of the fastest ways that lice can go from one head to another. This also happens very commonly with kids when they’re playing, so pay close attention during playtime as much as possible. You can also talk to your children and tell them to avoid touching heads as much as possible. If a friend sleeps over, give them separate beds to sleep in to avoid this as well.

Use Natural Lice Products

If you want to protect your family before they get lice, Bug Adieu has what you need. Our lice treatment products can be added to your daily routine, and they won’t cause any damage to your children’s hair. You can style their hair as usual with our products, and they will leave a refreshing scent on your scalp.

All of our products are chemical-free so that anyone can use them.

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