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Use the easiest way to remove lice with Bug Adieu. 

Have you been having trouble with getting rid of lice? Our experts at Bug Adieu have the solution you need. Our treatments have been used by Escondido residents for many years and we have created an alternative that is better for your kid’s health and those around you. 

Once you have Bug Adieu’s treatments you can say bye to any other treatment in the market. Our lice removal products are like no other in the market because we are clinically proven to be 100% natural and chemical and pesticides free. No matter how big or small your lice problem is, we can help you get rid of it without harming your kids. 

Know more about our products and their benefits. 


Benefits of Using Natural Products 

Most people think that by using the treatments that doctors recommended, their kids or themselves will be lice-free the next day. However, this is wrong. The fact that those treatments have crazy amounts of pesticides and chemicals it does not make it easier for lice to be gone. 

Our 100% natural treatments at Bug Adieu are known to be safe for literally everyone. Babies, pregnant mothers, you name it and they can use it. A huge benefit that natural lice products offer is the fact they are not damaging or can harm your loved ones or yourself. Our lice removal products offer the facility of being able to style your hair as normal and its mint fragrance keeps lice away from your scalp. 

Get Rid of Lice With Bug Adieu

Our experts in lice removal will be more than happy to help you get rid of lice in your home. Contact our offices and we can get to your home easily to help out you and your loved ones. 

Don’t let lice take over your life, get rid of it quick and easy with us. 


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