Guaranteed Lice Removal Treatment In Ocean Beach

Battling with lice can be a struggle when you don’t know what to do about them. There are lice removal treatments composed of strong-smelling chemicals, and the thought of using them is doubtful. If you need someone you can trust and live in the Ocean Beach area, you can count on the expertise of Bug Adieu.

At Bug Adieu, we have over 13 years of experience in this business. We started treating lice in our home with our children and then growing in contact with other moms, and consequently, throughout San Diego and its surrounding areas.

We’re an all-equipped company, not only with our years of experience but also with lice removal products created by our founder, Sonia Willis. Our lice removal treatments are non-toxic, chemical-free that you won’t find Over The Counter.

Our Non-Toxic Lice Removal Products

There are many lice removal substances in the market composed of chemicals. Some scalps are more sensitive than others, and the use of these non-safe products can cause side effects. You or any family member could get a scalp irritation, causing excessive itching, swelling, or redness.

With Bug Adieu, you can feel safe at all times. Our products are made with safe, non-toxic, chemical-free ingredients producing the best results, and expected outcomes when it comes to lice eradication.

In most cases, a single application is needed; therefore, we schedule a one-day appointment. If necessary, we can provide a follow up 5 to 7 days later, and a one more paid-recheck one week after that. Our service is entirely discreet and in-home. We won’t show up wearing a uniform, nor with any signage in our vehicles.

The Lice Removal Service You Can Trust

At Bug Adieu, we thrive every day to provide the best service our customers deserve. Since we have experienced lice infestations in our own homes, we understand what our customers are going through.

Lice removal is all about being clean at all times. With the current situation, we’re taking more measures than ever before. Safety always comes first; therefore, when showing up at our clients’ homes, we take all the suggested precautions. Furthermore, we offer our customers a DIY kit with curbside pickup, as another Bug Adieu lice removal service option.

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