Head Lice Removal in Carlsbad, CA

Control your kid’s lice problem with our help. 

Ever had a lice case that got out of hand? Sometimes, lice can get hard to eliminate and it feels as if the problem it’s just getting harder to handle. This is a common problem for people that have never have to deal with lice in their lives. 

It’s normal for a parent to feel nervous about not knowing what to do when they find out their kid has lice. For inexperienced parents, our services at Bug Adieu has just what you need. 

The first step to do after you have found out your kid has lice is to find the best removal treatment possible. 

For our customers in Carlsbad, we offer our all-natural products that had zero pesticides and chemicals. They are composed of natural products that won’t damage your hair or your scalp and it’s safe for everyone to use. 

Get rid of your kid’s lice problem with our help

All-Natural Treatment For Families 

Using Bug Adieu’s natural treatment is more beneficial for families because you are not putting their health at risk and you are working with products that help your kids style their hair as normal. 

In most of our cases, only one appointment is needed, we can manually nitpick and exam each and every strand of hair to make sure there are no more lice in your hair. 

If you decide to keep this more private, we also offer full-service treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

We offer in-home checkups for all family members that are followed by the required treatment by Bug Adieu to those who show evidence of lice. A complete paid re-check by Bug Adieu must be conducted 3-5 days later, followed by one more paid re-check by Bug Adieu one week after that.

Protect your family against lice and treat it with natural products

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