Head Lice Removal in Chula Vista, CA

Get rid of the nuisance in your kid’s scalp. 

Lice are not something to be grossed about. However, it is something that needs to be rid of as soon as possible. If your kid has lice it does not mean he’s lacking from hygiene, lice actually prefer to stay in clean hair. 

If you are having trouble handling lice on your loved ones, Bug Adieu offers amazing lice control services for homeowners in Chula Vista. 

It is important you are taking the right care for your hair and scalp by using the right products that will guarantee getting rid of lice in your home. Some products are very harsh for people’s scalps and tend to be composed of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. 

What most homeowners don’t know is that it is able to get rid of lice in a natural way that won’t put you or others around in danger. 

Use natural products to get rid of lice in your home

Stop Using Dangerous Products

Ever wondered what’s inside lice removal products? The standard products recommended by doctors are filled with pesticides and chemicals such as permethrin or pyrethrin, Dimethicone, and many more dangerous chemicals.

It may not sound like much, but these chemicals can cause damage to your body. It can cause rashes, hair loss, seizures, permanent neurological damage, and even death. 

Even if these products are labeled as ‘non-toxic’, they can have ingredients that have been associated with negative health impacts. 

Use A Natural Alternative

Lice are something that needs to be taken care of fast. Using the treatment that doctors recommend is not the only alternative you have. 

Bug Adieu offers all-natural treatments that contain 0 pesticides or harmful chemicals. It’s safe for everyone, from pregnant women to kids, everyone can use it without experiencing any side effects. 

Use Bug Adieu’s lice removal treatment and protect your loved ones from chemicals

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