Discreet In-Home Lice Removal Service In San Diego

Wave lice goodbye once and for all from your home with Bug Adieu’s discreet, in-home lice removal service in San Diego.

Lice can be annoying and terrifying, especially when you don’t know what to do to treat your kids and avoid everyone else from getting an infestation.

With the help of Bug Adieu, you won’t have to worry about lice anymore. We take the burden off your shoulders in a one-time scheduled visit.

We have dealt with lice for over 13 years, having our first experience at our own home and with our kids. Later on, we became that friendly contact among moms in the area, and consequently, a widely known expert throughout the San Diego area.

If you need a 911 response and a rapidly-scheduled visit, we will do our best to make a same-day appointment. More than customers, we’re your friendly neighbor who will make lice a thing of the past.

Discreet Lice Removal Services For Any Family

Respect and discretion are two of our most important values. You certainly don’t want your kids to be bullied or rejected by other kids because they have lice. It could happen to anyone, no matter the age, color, or social status.

Whichever the case, keeping discretion is our goal at all times. We show up at your door without identifying uniforms or signage in our vehicles.

Not only is our presence discreet, but so is the smell of our products. Most chemicals used in common lice removal treatments have a strong odor. But unlike those types of products, ours are non-toxic, chemical-free with a mint scent that is not only pleasant but fresh for the scalp.

Get the most out of our services in just one visit. When we enter your home, we check all family members to discover who the lice victims are and who are not. We proceed with a three-step come out process with the help of our unique, non-toxic products and specially designed comb.

Educating Our Clients

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about lice, but having the right information will give you peace of mind. You will realize that with the proper treatment, you can kiss your lice worries away.

At Bug Adieu, we take our clients one step further by educating them on this subject. We touch base on the myths and facts about the bothersome bugs and provide tips on how to avoid getting infected with lice in the future.

Adieu To Lice 

Get a full lice removal service and experience in San Diego, in the incomparable comfort of your home. Feel free to contact us at (619) 749-3119, or send us an email at bugadieu@cox.net. You can also fill out a form in our “Get-In-Touch” web page to ask any questions.

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