In-Home Lice Treatment Service

Handling lice at-home is one of the safest ways to prevent lice from spreading to more people. Many parents prefer to keep this issue in closed doors, and at Bug Adieu, we respect it. We know how stressful handling lice can be, which is why our professionals at Bug Adieu have created the best solution for households. 

Bug Adieu has created discreet services for all homeowners that don’t want to leave their homes. We completely understand why you would like to handle lice issues behind closed doors, and that’s why we have created this service thinking of you. 

Protect your family and those around you from lice with our in-home lice treatment service at Bug Adieu. Let our professionals handle your family’s lice issue while you relax.


Fastest Way Of Getting Rid Of Lice

Everyone wants the quickest solution to get rid of lice. However, most homeowners tend to go for over-the-counter products that contain pesticides and harmful chemicals for you. 

Sometimes, over-the-counter products can get the job done, but the downside is that you could be harming yourself and your loved ones, for these products have caused allergies, rashes, and severe harm to many. 

Get rid of dangerous products and opt for a healthier choice. Our in-home lice treatments are a complete one. As soon as you call us, we will show up to your home, manually nitpick every single person, and we will use our 100% natural products in their scalp.  

While we’re at your home, we will educate you and your family on how to handle lice and how to prevent it successfully. Not only do we provide a quick response to all our emergency calls, but we also give you the peace of mind that you need. 

Our results are 100% guaranteed!


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