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Protect your home and treat your lice problem with 100% natural treatments by Bug Adieu. 

Lice removal products have been around for decades now, however, people are used to using the ones that doctors recommend or that can be found in pharmacies or convenience stores. Many people have been affected by those products because of the high level of harsh chemicals and pesticides it has. 

Due to all the emergencies and damages that normal lice removal products have caused, we have created a natural alternative that is beneficial for everyone. Our team at Bug Adieu has provided help for El Cajon residents for many years, therefore, we are ready to help out even in the most difficult cases. 

Let us help you get rid of your lice issue with no problem. 


Benefits Of Using Natural Products

As we know, pesticides and harsh chemicals bring absolutely zero benefits to your health. Therefore, our products have no pesticides or anything that can be damaging to you. Since we do not have anything that will dry out your hair or cause irritation, you can use our treatments and style your hair normally. Also, the fresh mint scent keeps lice away from your hair.  

One of the main benefits is that everyone can use it no matter how old or small they are. Whether you are using it for a newborn, toddler, pregnant woman, or adult, everyone can use it and be safe at all times. 

Our services and products are 100% natural, therefore, you won’t have to worry about your health being put at risk. Our treatments do not have any pesticides, chemicals, or any component that can irritate skin and put your wellbeing at risk. 

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