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Say goodbye to at-home remedies and use Bug Adieu’s 100% natural lice treatment. 

You have probably heard of at-home remedies for lice from your grandma or parents. These remedies can vary from smothering the lice with olive oil, using mayonnaise in your hair, using essential oils to get them away, and many more. Most of these treatments are not guaranteed to work or they take more than usual to actually work. 

With Bug Adieu’s lice repellent and lice and nit repellent, you won’t have to fear of it not working. Our products have been clinically proven to be completely natural and they won’t cause harm to any loved ones. 

Know more about our products and the benefits they can bring to your family. 


Products Made For You

We are a full, discreet, in-home, lice removal option for you and your family servicing the Santee area. Our products have been made to not damage anyone while being 100% natural. We are aware of how damaging lice removal products can be, therefore, we made an improvement and created a completely different alternative. Know more about our products below.

Lice Repellent

Bug Adieu’s Repellant Spray is formulated with natural ingredients, the mint scent wards off head lice and keeps them away. Safe enough to use daily, your hair can be styled as usual with a clean feel. Your kids will love the scent. 

Lice & Nit Treatment

Bug Adieu’s non-toxic, chemical-free treatment dissolves the glue of nits and breaks down the exoskeleton of lice. This slows the lice down so that both nits and lice can easily be removed. It is safe enough for babies and pregnant moms.

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