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Be prepared for any lice infestation with the help of Bug Adieu’s lice removal products.

Anyone is at risk of having lice. It is actually very easy to have lice without you knowing, therefore, you need to be prepared if you or a family member gets it. Kids are the most likely to get it, but adults can also get it at any time. 

Whether you have gotten lice at a point of your life, or you’ve never experienced it, you need to be prepared for it. Bug Adieu offers lice removal products and teaches your entire family or at an event about what to do if you or someone close to you have lice. 

Get the help of Bug Adieu’s professionals and keep your family safe. 


What NOT To Do If You Have Lice

The first thing anyone will do when they have found lice in their head or someone else’s head is use an over the counter product that can be found at a supermarket. Most of the recommendations you will get on the internet or from your peers are products full of dangerous pesticides that could end up damaging your scalp, or worse. Over the counter products are not recommended to get rid of lice. Stay away from them! 

What To Do If You Have Lice

Now that you know the dangers of over the counter products, you need to be aware of natural products and their many benefits for your scalp. Bug Adieu offers various types of lice removal products and they are 100% natural meaning they won’t do any damage to your scalp and anyone from all ages can use it. 

Protect Your Family With Bug Adieu 

Use our natural products that are 100% safe for your head and eradicate lice completely. 


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