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Protect your kids from lice at school with the products from Bug Adieu.

School is known to be one of the easiest ways that your kids can obtain lice. Many little kids all around like to hug and play close to each other in preschool, this is one of the most common ways that lice get to kid’s heads and start multiplying from their classmates and can even get to the teacher. 

If there has been a lice outbreak at school or at a daycare, you need to protect your child or treat them immediately if they are showing signs that they have lice. Bug Adieu is a family company that knows exactly what you are going through. You have lice a lice issue that needs to be terminated FAST.

If you want to get rid of lice in an easy and natural way, know more of our services at Bug Adieu. 


Why Are Kids Easy Targets For Lice? 

Back to school usually means back to being exposed to viruses. However, lice is not a virus but it sure spreads like one. Many kids are usually picked up from the nurses’ office because they are indicating they have lice. Kids are known to be easy targets, but what exactly makes them one? 

In school, especially in daycares, kids are known to play close to each other and share most of their things. This is what makes them an easy target. Kids can get lice from sharing things such as: 

  • Hairbrushes, headbands, hair clips, bows, and hats. 
  • Put their hair close to someone that currently has lice.
  • Share personal items such as pillows or blankets that someone that had lice used. 
  • Not taking the right care when others have lice. 

If you want to protect your kids the best way possible with zero chemicals in them, Bug Adieu is your best choice. We protect your family against any dangers that other lice removal products have. Use natural products that are 100% safe for your head and eradicate lice completely. 


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