Lice Removal Products in San Diego

Use reliable products that are not damaging to your health. 

Get rid of lice with natural products that are not damaging to your health and those around you. Most homeowners prefer to deal with lice on the down-low and not make it public. Whether you want to keep it private or you want to warn a few of those around you, we can help you with your decision. 

Our amazing team at Bug Adieu has been dealing with lice in San Diego for many years, from hard to get rid of to beginning stages of lice, we can take care of any type of lice. We know how annoying it can be, therefore, we handle your lice problem as soon as possible. 

Use our natural treatments and see the difference. 


How Natural Products Will Help You 

It’s been known throughout the years that most lice removal products offered by doctors are not good for your health. These products contain dangerous chemicals and pesticides that should not be used in children or adults. Opting for a natural treatment is more beneficial and is not damaging to you or those around you. 

At Bug Adieu, we offer a 100% natural products that do not have chemicals and can be used in anyone that has lice. From toddlers, kids, pregnant women, women breastfeeding, everyone can use Bug Adieu’s lice treatment. Our objective is to make sure you are well taken care of, therefore, we do not offer treatments that can harm anyone. 

Know more about our treatments:

Our non-toxic, chemical-free lice & nit treatment dissolves the glue of nits and break down the exoskeleton of lice. This slows the lice down so that both nits and lice can easily be removed.

We also offer lice repellent treatment that is formulated with natural ingredients. The mint scent we use on our products keeps lice away and prevents them from going back to your scalp. 

With all of our treatments, you are able to style your kid’s hair or your own just as you have been doing it this entire time. 

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Our experts in lice removal will be more than happy to help you get rid of lice in your home. Contact our offices and we can get to any San Diego home easily. 


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