Lice Removal Products in Santee

Treat your kid immediately with the lice removal products from Bug Adieu.

No matter if your kids are going back to school or there has been a lice outbreak at their daycare and school, you need to be prepared at all times with the right products. Most parents are not ready or don’t know how to treat lice when their kid shows up with symptoms. Some don’t even know what are lice symptoms until the whole family is infested. 

Be prepared when lice infest your kid’s classroom with the help of Bug Adieu’s lice removal products. Our products are made for everybody, from babies to pregnant mothers and adults. Anyone can use our products and you won’t have to change anything from your daily routine to use them. 

If you want to get rid of lice in an easy and natural way, know more of our services at Bug Adieu. 


What Makes Us Different From The Rest

Many products offered by doctors or the ones that can be found in a supermarket are not entirely reliable. Just because a doctor has prescribed you something, does not mean it’s entirely safe and has no secondary effects. 

As a matter of fact, many products that are prescribed by doctors have dangerous chemicals such as neurotoxins, permethrin, and malathion. Permethrin is actually a chemical that is used in garden pesticides and malathion is a dangerous pesticide that was banned from many communities 10 years ago. 

These chemicals can be found in products that have been prescribed by doctors and even those who can be found over the counter. Bug Adieu has the goal of protecting you and your family so you can eliminate lice in the safest way possible. 

Use our natural products that are 100% safe for your head and eradicate lice completely. 


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