Lice Removal in San Diego

Protect your family with lice removal products with the help of Bug Adieu. 

Lice are parasites that attach to human hair and feeds on human blood. Sounds scary? Lice can be scary if you don’t take the right care of it. Many people often use over the counter products that can be found in your local pharmacy. Even though many of these products are recommended by doctors and specialists, they can cause great harm to your scalp. 

Bug Adieu is a professional lice removal company located in San Diego. We have the goal of eradicating lice in your family while also protecting your scalp. Many over the counter products are filled with harmful pesticides that can put in danger your health and the ones around you. 

Let our professionals at Bug Adieu help you with your lice issue. 


Things You Should Know About Lice

Many people are not aware of lice and how to treat it whenever it attacks you and your loved ones.

Contrary to popular belief, lice do not spread by just having eye contact with someone that has it. If you share items such as headbands, hats, hairbrushes or combs, or any article that is meant to be used on your head, it’s very likely you will have lice. 

A common question that many have is if you have to use the lice treatment for long. Our lice treatment at Bug Adieu can be worn every day and the best part is that you can style your hair as usual, you won’t even feel that our product is there. 

A myth that everyone has heard at least once in their life is if they need to cut their hair once they find out they have lice. With our treatments at Bug Adieu, you won’t have to cut or trim your hair, we will manually nitpick your hair and treat it with 100% natural products. 


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