Lice Removal Treatment For You

Finding the right lice removal treatment for you is key. Lice can attack you at any time; therefore, it’s best if you are prepared with the right help from professionals. 

Over the counter products are prescribed by doctors and specialists. However, they have shown to be harmful to anyone that uses it. Many lice removal treatments are filled with pesticides, and they can create critical damage in most users. For this reason, and even though a doctor has recommended it, you should always check the ingredients of all products 

Bug Adieu wants to protect you and your loved ones from the intruder that lice are. Once that lice is in one of your loved one’s scalp, it can go anywhere in your home; therefore, it’s important we act fast and look for a solution to eradicate it. 


What You Need To Know About Bug Adieu

Bug Adieu offers two professional lice removal products that are perfect for all users. Our lice repellent and lice & nit treatment is 100% natural, meaning that it doesn’t have any repellents or chemicals in it. Additionally,  our product does not have any strong smell that can irritate your skin or if it comes close to your eyes. 

Our lice removal treatments are so easy to use, you won’t have to change your daily routine to add it. All you have to do is spray it in your hair and comb it with a fine comb and style it as you normally do. You won’t have to worry about feeling your hair greasy or hard, our spray will leave your hair feeling clean and smelling amazing! 

A myth that everyone has heard at least once in their life is if they need to cut their hair once they find out they have lice. With our treatments at Bug Adieu, you won’t have to cut or trim your hair, we will manually nitpick your hair and treat it with 100% natural products. 


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Have questions or concerns? Then don’t hesitate to act! Our objective is to make sure you are well taken care of!

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