Safest Lice Repellents for Kids

The Best and Safest Lice Repellents for Kids

Dealing with lice infestation in your kids is a pain. It’s time-consuming and stressful and requires hours of cleaning your linens, clothes, and even car, not to mention the treatment for the actual lice, which takes an hour or more per child. Lice prevention is recommended to avoid having to go through the lice treatment process.

However, not all lice prevention sprays and lice repellents are safe. Some lice repellents contain permethrin, which is a pesticide and has been found to be unsafe when exposed to humans. Look for more reliable, more natural alternatives to spray your children with instead that will still keep the lice away.

Natural Lice Repellents

Lice are reportedly repelled by some smells. Using these in natural ways or finding shampoos and conditioners that contain these smells are easy and safe ways to repel lice, without having to do too much.

Smells that Are Said To Repel Lice:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Menthol or mint
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Lemongrass
  • Citronella

You can also use essential oils instead of or as well as shampoos and conditioners to protect your kids even more. You can mix a few drops of any of the above oils with water in a spray bottle to make a natural repellent. Then, spray it on clothes, hats, seats, and even your child’s heads to prevent lice.

Other Lice Repellents (That Are Still Safe for Your Kids)

You can also find a safe lice repellent spray and use that instead of the essential oils spray or shampoo replacement. Do your research online and find a repellent that’s safe for children, then spray your child’s hair and backpack every day in the morning.

Bug Adieu’s Repellent Spray is made with natural ingredients and is non-toxic, with no chemicals. The mint scent is one of the smells that repel lice so that it will be an effective repellent, but it also smells good and clean. You can use it on your child daily with no worry.


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