Lice Treatment Service in Chula Vista

Get rid of lice successfully with the help of Bug Adieu’s lice treatment service for Chula Vista residents. 

Lice happen to everyone, but you don’t have to feel shame or blame about it. It is common to get lice, especially for little kids. There are many ways that people can have lice without even finding out until it’s too late. If you feel constant itching on your scalp and you feel as if something’s wrong, our professionals at Bug Adieu are ready to help you detect what’s wrong. 

Bug Adieu is a professional lice removal company in Chula Vista. We not only eradicate lice from our client’s homes, but we educate them on how to prevent their kids from getting it. Our customer-centric services are targeted on getting our clients to feel comfortable again. 


Prevent Lice from Happening Again 

Our lice treatments at Bug Adieu are all about educating each family and making sure lice stays away from their households. We are a full, discreet, in-home, lice removal option for you and your family servicing in Chula Vista. With our services, you will need just one appointment, so you won’t have to worry about checkups. A re-check appointment is not required. We show our families how to follow up on their own to avoid additional treatments.

Our Process

Once we get to your home, an in-home check of all family members, followed by the necessary treatment by Bug Adieu, of those who show evidence of head lice. Then, a complete paid re-check by Bug Adieu has to be done 5-7 days later, followed by one more paid re-check by Bug Adieu one week after that.

We conduct our business with integrity and efficiency, providing a safe treatment for all family members. When you use Bug Adieu’s lice treatment services, you will feel the difference of an all-natural product instead of the ones filled with pesticides and chemicals. 

Protect Your Family with Bug Adieu

Bug Adieu is a family-owned business; therefore, we understand how critical taking care of your loved ones is for you. We not only eradicate lice, but we do it in the safest way possible with natural products that are safe to use in all ages. 


Have questions or concerns?

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