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Home Lice Treatment Service by Bug Adieu

Found lice on your child? Don’t stress. Bug Adieu’s home lice treatment service will solve all your problems, with convenient and quality service to your door.


Why You Should Choose Bug Adieu

1. Fast Response, 365 Days of the Year
We know that sometimes lice can appear unexpectedly and worry you and your family. Get treated right away when you call us. We try to give you same-day appointments, and can also come on weekends, evenings, and holidays if necessary.

2. Safe and Non-Toxic Products
All of our products are safe, even for babies and pregnant or nursing mothers. We don’t use any chemicals in our products, unlike many other lice treatments.

3. Peace of Mind
We will come to you when you need us and solve your lice issue as quickly as we can. We remove every nit and examine every strand of hair to ensure that the process has been completed. We also follow up with you to make sure the lice have not come back.

What Our Customers Say

“Sonia answered the phone right away on a holiday afternoon and had Trish at our door within a couple of hours. Trish checked all 4 of us thoroughly in just a little over an hour and gave us very helpful tips.” – E.C.

“Amazing and quick care! So worth the money to have them come in and show you step by step how to rid your family of these nasty bugs.” – Jessica D.

“If you or your child has lice, look no further! Bug Adieu is the best money I have ever spent. I frantically called Sonia after I found lice in my daughter’s hair, and due to a cancellation, she was at my house 10 minutes later. My child was completely lice free by the time they left. This is a wonderful company, and I would recommend them to anyone!” – Jenny T.

We have five stars on Yelp, thanks to the glowing reviews of our satisfied customers! Join them now.


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Have questions or concerns? Then don’t hesitate to act! Our objective is to make sure you are well taken care of!

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