per hour (one hour minimum)

After the first hour we pro rate $140 into 15 minutes of $35 every quarter.

What is included:

All family members examined will determine who requires treatment.

We provide our all-natural, chemical-free products.

Complete comb-out and manual removal of all lice and nits.

Treatment is not complete until every last nit is removed from the hair.

We always show you the nit/lice in your hair and what is being pulled from the treatment for your peace of mind.

Post-treatment plan specifically individualized for you and your family to ensure success & prevent re-infestation.

100% Lice- and Nit-free 30 day Guarantee *

After hours: there may be an additional fee of $50 before the hours of 7:30AM and after the hours of 7:00PM.

Holiday Weekend:  We understand that you may not want to wait until after the holiday to treat for lice  this is why we are available 365 days a year.  There may be an additional fee on major holiday weekends.  You will never be surprised  we will give you options during your phone consultation.

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Do-It-Yourself Treatment

$100 + Additional Shipping or Delivery fee

This is the least expensive option, but the most time consuming. We provide all the topical treatment products you will need, along with a professional lice comb. Our technician will provide detailed instructions on how to properly perform the comb-out. Since most parents are not experienced at lice-removal, this will take substantially more time than a professional treatment in order to ensure all the lice are removed. Multiple treatments will be needed over the course of 10 days, with each treatment taking over an hour.